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Let your fingers do the talking: Braille on Folding Cartons

The movement towards universal inclusion of Braille on pharmaceutical packaging in Europe and North America is clearly under way.

Each country has its own braille code. There are some commonalities but there are also some important differences. This can cause difficulties in producing braille on packaging that is distributed to more than one market. It is important that the Braille is confirmed by the local Braille authority. We are among the first North American packaging company to offer Braille embossing required by many of pharma businesses. We work closely with The Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille a rehabilitation centre offering services to visually impaired.

There are several ways to apply Braille on a folding carton, the most common way is embossing. Embossing involves the use of a male die and a female die, the carton substrate is placed between the two dies and force is applied to create the Braille dots. It is essential that the Braille dots have a strong enough emboss in order for the blind person to identify the product.

We supply high quality Braille cartons for domestic pharma products and for international markets. Our experts will work with you ensure your cartons meet your own quality standards and adhere to the global Braille requirements. Feel free to contact us (pack@supremex.com)  with any questions or if you require assistance with Braille on your folding cartons.

For more information about Braille standards for packaging (click here).

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